Version 1.4.4 (10) Test

I was able to fly a few missions today with the latest iOS version 1.4.4 (10). I first want to say great job on the development of this version. I am using V01.07.0043 in a Phantom 3 pro and had no issues with it connecting and flying the missions. Some things that I noticed:

  1. The video while it was flying worked without any issues. It is great to be able to see how the images look while it is flying. I had one time where it developed some lag but it caught back up quickly.
  2. The continue mission problem seems to be fixed. I was able to continue two missions with no issues. The only problem that happened is that I had to restart the app a few times to get it to allow me to select old missions after changing batteries.
  3. On one battery the battery information locked up and stopped reporting. This only happened on one of the six batteries.

Other than these things the app performed very well. Great job guys and thank you.


Video during mission?

iOS has video during the mission. Android in the next couple months.