Matrice 100 issue

Hey guys,
Tried running the matrice 100 with latest Firmware and it hangs up on the checklist when it gets to “mission” and then it spits a “somthing is wrong contact…” error code at the bottom, is DD currently compatible with the Matrice? Running Matrice 100, no guidance, x3 camera.



Are you using iOS or android? I think iOS is compatible but android is not at the moment

We are having the exact same problem. Went to launch. All pre checks are green except the ‘mission’. We get an error that says couldn’t execute waypoints and that it timed out. We are currently on the latest version of the iOS beta.

Hi, are you on the latest Matrice 100 firmware? DJI has told us that the newest release should work on the Matrice 100. Have you tried the version we released last Friday?

Hey Dr guys,

Yes I had just updated the m100 firmware, and yes I am on the latest dd
update, for Android, running a Galaxy Tab s 2

The app ran fine for my p3p and inspire with latest firmware.

Hopefully this gets resolved

As always thanks for the awesome product and support.


I’m glad that I’m not the only one having problems with the matrice 100. I have tried it with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Asus Nexus 7. All pre-checks are green except for the ‘mission’ one on the checklist. Yes, I’m on the latest firmware.

Matrice 100 will not work on our Android app. The iOS app is using the new SDK from DJI. Some users are reporting it isn’t working on iOS which we are trying to resolve.

We hope to have Matrice 100 support on Android in the very near future.

Do you think this will be solved by March? I would like to have it up and running around the time our planting season starts.

I guess I’m just a little irritated that AerialMediaPros advertised to me that this unit works with DD. Which is not the case.

I believe it will be ready by March. Do you have an iOS device to try with it?

Our Matrice is on the latest firmware and also just tried on the iOS app that was updated today. I have attached a screen shot of the error.

Hi @jdavie - sorry for the confusion. We’ll clear this up with AerialMediaPros. Appreciate your patience.