Inspire Firmware Error

Having some issues trying to run V7 on my Inspire. I have gotten V7 to work with my P3P without any issues. I have followed the same steps from the “getting started guide” with the phantom and did the same with the Inspire.

I think it’s an issue with the current firmware. The guide states a specific firmware is needed that is different than what is on DJI’s site but they both link to the same v1.2.1.06. When I load this onto the sd card and try to upload it onto the craft and radio, I can’t get it to initiate; does this mean that the current .bin is already on the craft?

What I’ve already done:

  • Turned on - Enable Multiple Flight mode
  • Turned off - Enable IOC
  • Enabled Unknown Sources
  • Individually switched to PAF modes
  • Used two separate tablets
  • Made sure only one application was running at a time

Any input would greatly be appreciated.

Please confirm that this is the firmware you are trying to use on your inspire,

The P3P have a different firmware name then the Inspire

Did you install the firmware that Andrew linked which is the one from our getting started guide?

No, there’s a typo in the guide. The one in the guide links to: I will try that firmware tomorrow. Thanks!

Hi there - the links here: are correct. Quite possible you downloaded from the section above which is the links to the public firmware.

Please do let me know if you find an error elsewhere. A link and/or screenshot would be helpful to identify where we made any mistakes.

Thanks guys! I misread the guide and was downloading the public firmware.

I flew two missions earlier today with some slight issues. I was receiving an “error while setting waypoints” and “the first test photo was not taken, retrying”. I got these multiple times and would restart the both the craft and DD app to get around these. As of now, the P3P seems more refined. On the second of the two missions, I flew with high overlap and lowest altitude settings and the app was calculating a flight time of 4 minutes but I was about 3/4 through the mission and was already 14 minutes in.

Also, is this beta firmware safe to fly the Inspire normally? Or should I be switching between firmwares when using DD?

If you change your overlap last i don’t think it updates the flight times and maps. Just something I noticed also.

We will take a look at the flight times again.

For us we have waypoint and photo issues pretty evenly between the p3p and the inspire.

We have been flying the inspire normally with the firmware and several others on the forum have as well. It is a normal firmware with certain sdk accessss turned on.

Thanks for the input guys. Lee_bushman is correct, if you select the overlap first it will account for the time, but not if you select it last.

Just a quick question. I’ve noticed that the 3d models I create with P2v+, P3P, and I1 aren’t coming out clear as I think they should; they all have a “runny water color” look to them. Do you guys have any tips on creating clearer models?


We are working on improving the 3D models. We can take a look at yours specifically as well to see if anything went wrong. To make it easy for people to view on the web they are reduced in size a bit usually. This is actually being worked on this week and next week.