Inspire Pro Firmware

Hi I’m trying to find out which firmwares work with drone deploy? I’m running the latest Inspire 1 Pro Firmware v1.8.1.00

Is this compatible or is there a beta test to make it work? Seems odd that the phantom4 is already supported yet the x5 is buggy??

The latest inspire 1 firmware should be fine. Are you seeing a problem?

I’m new to drone deploy so maybe I’m doing something wrong?

This is as far I get with the app. I don’t ever seem to get the plane icon.

So in the end I tired a manual point of interest loupe in the DJI app and am just waiting to see how it processes on here & mapsmadeeasy.

You need to connect a drone if you want to fly those plans. When you click that save button on the bottom right it should also tell you that.

Hi ok I get drone connected in the bottom left. How do I make it start?

That’s interesting. Can you try plugging in the drone again when you’re on the main dashboard screen instead of planning? I’m wondering if there is a bug when plugging in while on the planning screen.

Awesome thanks got it working. Think it was just the inspire didn’t have gps signal.

I’ll add a bug to our list to double check that GPS error. It should have said something about the GPS.