Inspire 1 flying the mission and not capturing images

I flew 4 missions on the same field, only one time it recorded photos, the other 3 nothing. I flew 2 yesterday and 2 today. This is beyond frustrating since I am driving 35 minutes to get to the field, and then have it fly the mission and return, and no images. I updated the app yesterday to confirm that was good to go, and nothing. The one mission it did record images, they were all out of focus. Seems like it is occasionally disconnecting from the drone, then reconnecting. I’m using an android tablet, and a X5 camera. Please help. Thanks.

Same issue today here, with my Inspire 1 (with standard X3), which I hadn’t flown in a couple of weeks. First flight today was fine; images captured and they’re being processed as I type. Second and third attempt failed. I changed some camera settings in the DJI Go app, forced closed it afterwards (Android thing) and copied the first mission. Exactly the same mission, just a different name. It took off, went to the first waypoint, flew as it should, but no image capturing. What’s going on, DD? There are so many issues at the moment… I won’t even discuss my biggest one here, as we’ve been doing that through e-mail, but things are far from what they should be :frowning:

Very frustrating considering this is a paid service. I’m expecting a refund or extension, but probably not going to happen.

It is very frustrating indeed. You should see all the negative comments on some Facebook groups… DD is losing many clients…

Happened to me a while ago. It seems that my start point was too far away, just out of range, and the trigger to start taking photos didn’t get through. Maybe try making sure your launch point is close to your start point?

Hi Wallers!

I’m very sorry to see that your Inspire 1 is not taking pictures. If you have a moment, can you please let us know if you are using a high-speed (10 class or higher) SD Card? Also, a great practice is to format the SD Card before flying the mission to clear things up.


I did start with the waypoint in the closest position to me.

Yes I did use a class 10 card and yes I did format it.

Thanks for the reply @wallers!

I have another couple questions for you. Were you flying offline? Alos, have you tried using another USB cable to connect the mobile device to the RC? We have noticed that the disconnection of the drone can be related to a bad USB cable. Please let me know and if you have a chance, I would highly recommend using another USB cable, just to discard a connection problem.

Many thanks!


Why would flying offline be a problem with image capture? Most of any commercial flights are offline?

Thank you

Hi @wallers,

There shouldn’t be any problem with the image capture while flying offline, but sometimes, if there is something wrong going on, we need to dig in further to identify possible bugs in our system.