Inserting images

I am inserting the images for them to be stiched onto the map. They are geotagged but the process halts and then cancels without properly finishing. Anyone experience this problem or can offer any advice?

The upload process or the actual processing?

The upload process - it wont complete and so nothing appears on the map

How many images? Did it appear to be uploading very slowly? May be a timeout.

Many images, 10 mb worth. Is the program not able to cope with a large amount?

Did you mean gigabytes? How many images? I typically upload somewhere around 5 GB per flight, but I think it really depends on your internet bandwidth.

I’ve uploaded over 8 Gig of photos with more than 1100 photos with no issues. Depending on my internet connection, hotspot or LAN can take about 20 mins to hours to upload. To process large maps will take 8 to 10 hrs.

A 500 photo Map generally takes about 4 to 5 hrs

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Ahh okay thats interesting thankyou for that information! I just assumed it couldn’t cope with that much imagery or just crashed before completing i shall give it a few more goes.