Processing Time Delays / Failing to update

I uploaded 3 different test cases I have with a particular map. The processing time indicated 2, 3 and 4 hours respectively. That was 4 hours ago, and all 3 maps are indicating 2, 3 and 4 hours processing time still.

Any help is appreciated.

I too am having a similar issue…stated “Processing - Expected in 3 hours” and that was over 3 hours ago. Any advice folks?

Just checked mine, it uploaded/processed. Did not come out as expected but believe its operator error on my end.

There was a little slowdown last night, but it should be taken care of now.

I have been waiting almost 24 hours now for a 100 image shoot.

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I uploaded 60 photos around 10 am and still showing 3 hours. Any HELP???

Same here. After uploading 500 images it said 3h but now is processing for almost 24h… :unamused:
Hope everything is ok but knowing that tomorrow the servers will went maintenance, I’m not very positive but waiting. :grimacing:

Hi @Jnx,

Apologies for the delayed response. Are you still having issues with processing your images and maps?

Keep me posted,

Hi Christina,

Thank you for replying.
Everything went smoothly, it took longer then expected but the result was very good.

Thank you.

Glad to hear this, @Jnx! :grin: