How DD has work for me. Work flow

First of all thank you for a great app!

During the the flights with the new app this is the work flow I have followed to insure a regular performance from the app Using an Inspire 1 with a iPad Air 2 and doing previous planning on desktop for a multiple flight plan of about 0.7km2 to get a data for a 0.5km2 map flying at 100m to ensure a 5cm/px result.

  1. Select the complete flight area on desktop.
  2. Divide it into 3 different smaller flight plans that overlap.
  3. Determine good take off site so Drone doesn’t take to long to reach start or battery change points.
  4. On the app (can’t be done on desktop) change the angle of the flight plan so it will have many way points. (If battery run low on a long flight between way point you lose a lot of covered area.
  5. Turn on drone.
  6. Open DJI Go app to verify DJI issues.
  7. If know issues, close DJI Go app.
  8. Open DD app. Wait for initial drone connected to go away.
  9. Press the mission I wish to fly first. Wait for the blank popup message to clear.
  10. Verify in the advance part of the flight that the waypoint has not gone to -1. If this on -1 set to 1 and begin in step 5.
    11.Press the airplane icon.
  11. Wait for the clear for take off popup appears, wait for it to go away and after the check mark icon pulsates for a couple of time press it lightly. (If it takes too long or if pressing the check mark lightly does work go back to step 5)
  12. It begins take off verify that the VFR is working and after the drone begins to move the camera take a nadir position. Finally verify that the drone heads to the waypoint it’s supposed to. If any thing goes differently than this bring it back and start on step 5.

Always remember to turn of drone if you have to return to step 5.

Be very aware of the distance to home point and battery remaining. If can be close to the flight path don’t let it get to 30% to return home. There are issue of returning home with app and the DJI 20% auto return and 10% auto land.

Have fun and save flights!

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thank you for sharing your experience @Simf00987 :smile: