DD Dropping Out On iPad Air (Inspire 2)

Hi i have been testing DD today and I’ve had a couple of issues now.

  • I have planned the flight and got everything setup, took off and manually setup the camera X5s in the DJI Go 4 app.
  • Landed and closed the DJI Go App
  • Launched DD and did all the pre flight checks and took off.
  • All was going well then 1/2 way through the first flight the app closed on the iPad, the drone is still following the route. However when i re launch it says do you want to continue and i select yes.
  • However after it was close to battery warning i brought it home to change batteries and on doing so when i took off again a part of the flight was missing.
  • It took off on the 2nd flight and continued where it had left off from and again it dropped the the application and when i re launched it carried on.
  • On the 3rd set off batteries when i went to continue it took me all the way to the start of the 1st flight.

I am completely off grid no GPRS no Wifi or anything when at this site.

DJI Go 4 (most up to date version)
iPad Air (Original Versions IOS up to date.)

Hi @StevenGourlay,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. By any chance, are you able to reproduce this issue on a different mobile device? As a note, we are officially ending support for the iPad Air on October 1 so there will be no guarantee that your iPad Air should continue working with our app.

Can you also verify that you’re running the latest DroneDeploy app version on your iPad Air?

I suggest taking a look at our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) to see what we recommend and officially support as well.


Exact same issue, word for word, on my Inspire 1 Pro using ipad Mini 2.

Hi @dronexsolutions,

Are you able to test on an officially supported device to see if the issue persists? The iPad Mini 2 is not listed on the page I linked to in my previous response.

Keep me posted,

I have a samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that i could test, i should also note that i set the camera settings i set to manual in DD and set in Manual in DJI Go 4 and when i look at the images now the settings were not what set like DD has taken over the camera settings.

Are you able to offer any support on my flight data on my account, the flight has only created a 1/4 of map that the data i provided.

Please let me know ASAP as i need to go out tomorrow and do this same area again due to the issues with DD.

I had to go back out today and do it and the exact same issue happened twice, i did not have access to Galaxy S8 so had to use iPad Air.

I really need to speak to someone about the map that it has created as i am missing a very large section …

Hi @StevenGourlay,

I sent you a private message requesting information about your map and DroneDeploy account. My team and I will be happy to look into this issue for you once we have the info we need.


Thanks i have now replied