M210 and xt/2

Excuse me if this has been asked before. I am Using DD as automated planning and mapping only. We don’t need live map or any stitching done. When I input All my flight detail and save the mission, I then check my drone and camera settings on the m210, once everything is verified and working properly I switch Back over to drone deploy on my iPad mini4. I click Start and once the checkmark hits camera I get A error that shows the following!image

Make sure that no other control app, including GO, is open in the background is the first thing to check.

I Definitely did that. I do That always anyway

Not too sure how the M210 works but on my Inspire i just had to flip the flightmode switch into the assited flight mode where you can also use flight modes in the DJI app.
As per the screenshot, check first that the DJI Go app has this multiple flight mode enabled (initially after install or after software updates this might be reset so you cannot change flight modes while in the air) - if not enabled you are also risking not being able to take over control in case anything goes wrong or to cancel the flight in DD.
Hope this helped somehow.

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