Fly Compatability for Autel Drones

Please work with Autel and or use their Open Drone SDK so you can add the Autel Evo2 V2 and V3 drones to your list of drones that are compatible with your “Fly” functionality.

Here is a link to a description of Autel’s SDK’s:Autel Developer Console Quick Guide | Autelpilot

Autel provides an flight program called “Autel Explorer” with their drone. While the Autel Explorer Application is useful it has a lot of bugs and lacks many of the functions that DroneDeploy has in its Flight missions. DroneDeploy flights also seem to be able to perform similar flights in significantly less time than what the explorer application can perform since there are less and shorter pauses needed at the turns in the mission. Our company has a variety of drones including Autel, DJI, Parrot, and Skydio and we would like to make use of the DroneDeploy application to manage flights for all of them instead of having to use a different program purely based on the drone being used.

I recall seeing somewhere that you were in the process of incorporating more drone models including Autel drones but have not seen any sign of this happening. I would hope that you would want to be more inclusive of drone manufacturers so you do not inadvertently create a monopoly and limit your customers options. Our company currently does not allow us to purchase any Chinese made drones due to federal regulations and since we perform work for the federal government we need to stay compliant with these rules. While we are mostly happy with DroneDeploy’s services and customer service, this is a major issue for us that we would like for you to resolve soon. It seems like Autel is very cooperative and open to working with developers based on information they have provided online so I hope that this is something reasonable and can be accomplished in a few months time.

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I second the OP. We also have Autel drones and I my organization would greatly benefit from these working with DD.

Thank you for responding to this. I was really wanting this to gain more traction even by people who do not own Autel drones. I would think everyone, especially DroneDeploy would support this since adding additional makes and models to their compatibility list can only be a good thing for their customers and would provide an opportunity to increase their customer base. Unfortunately, I am losing hope that anyone from DroneDeploy will even see this.

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This was the last communication I received from DroneDeploy on this. This was August 15, 2022. It has been over a year since I received this when they stated they “have been working on this for a while now.”

“Rob here from the DroneDeploy support team! Unfortunately currently at this time, we do not fully support the Autel Evo 2 in our flight app and the workaround for processing has remained the same. As a company, we are trying our best to meet our customer’s needs and provide support for as many platforms as possible. This capability is in our pipeline and our engineers have been working on this for a while now. I cannot confirm a date or when this capability will be available I just know that the team has been working on this trying to come up with a viable solution that is compatible with Autel.”


I am happy to report that the new PPK process has worked well with my Autel EVOII. At least processing is well supported.

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