DJI Air2S not compatible?


I just bought an Air 2S and now realise it is not compatible with DroneDeploy. Does anyone know if the Air 2S will be supported?

Have I just made an expensive mistake?

Is there any work around?

Most likely it will be the same as this thread but a few months later in development.

So do you think I will be able to use the Air 2S with DroneDeploy at some stage?

I really have no idea, but I’m betting not. DJI has to move first and from what I see in their lineup they have no reason to make the Air series a mapping platform. This is really the only reason you need an intense amount of waypoints and the large areas we cover beg them to be stored on internal memory. If you’re just doing a cool video path for 10 minutes then I don’t see why virtual sticks wouldn’t be just fine. Like I have advised others, stay in line of sight and don’t push the specs and you’ll probably be fine with something like Maven, Redwaypoint or Dronelink.

@cwillk return your drone and buy the M2P. It will be a year or so for DJI to allow third parties to have the SDK. Then a couple of more months for DD to test etc etc.

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P4 Pro V2.0

Autel Evo II Pro 6K

Skydio 2 if you can find one. The base kit is $999 but they are on reserve now. Of course the P4PV2 and Skydio have DroneDeploy support but the Evo has a good flight app as well.