Skydio 2 won't connect to Drone deploy app

I am trying to evaluate a new skydio 2 with drone deploy. The issue I am having is that once I set the map area, I can not connect to the Skydio 2. I am using a Pixel 3 and I also have a controller. Is there guide that documents the steps required for connection of the drone to the drone deploy app?

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The Skydio 2 is not a supported drone so you’re probably best served emailing support.

The website seems to clearly show support?


Any more info on this? It does say it is supported on the website. Just not for the mobile app?

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If you have a paid subscription to DroneDeploy you can message support for activation now.

Otherwise, general availability will be coming soon.

Appreciate your patience.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Understood and it may just put me over the edge to get a paid subscription!


Another quick question:

I did some more checking and it looks like I have the older Explorer ‘free’ licensing level that is not available any more.

I am just doing some testing with the skydio for stream corridor mapping and was wondering if there was a temporary unlock for the skydio that I could use for testing.



Honestly I am to the point I have contacted skydio to return the skydio 2 and get the EVOII and use pix4d. DD seems all in on the DJI chain and everything else takes a back seat. The skydio and DD announcement came out in October of 2019 and now DD wants you to buy their product before even being able to test it.

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I think we will get there some day, but I also understand their business model. If you look at the sale spercentage by company you’ll see that these other manufacturers are such a small subset of what DroneDeploy is designed for. Also, they have modified their software immensely over the past 2 years according to the industry standards and user feature requests. It is becoming so much more than the flight app it started out to be, getting close to the point of a survey and project management tool.

We spent two years as a Customer Advocacy Council putting our free time in to share everything we had from 4 different industries so that tells you where their focus is.

I think the EVO II might be one of the first to break through if its GNSS module and camera do what they’re supposed to and that map and have survey functionality. They better come out with an RTK/PPK version if they want in this space, but I can almost bet that we will end up with one and i’ll figure a modular add-on if so. Yuneec has everything they need and I really wish the H520 would get on the list, but I’m afraid they’re very poor at marketing and it will be retired before we get to that point.

All that said, I don’t see the Skydio 2 as a mapper and I bet it will not make the cut. It is not designed for it, but it will have its niche in inspections and interior work. I think you’re on a good path if you want to jump on the EVO II early, but be aware that they did postpone public release two months for some reason. I’ve heard rumors, but it’s probably not fair to share them publicly.

@Kiteflyer911 We’re discussing opening wider availability for Skydio 2 and have several companies successfully mapping with it. We’re committed as a camera agnostic platform, and processing EVOII data will work just as well on DroneDeploy if you wish to go that route.

If you are on a trial account you will find our support team is responsive - feel free to reach out.


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It would be great to see some references and maps. I have seen it first hand and the form factor looks sketchy for real mapping.

My Top Ten Curiosities…

  1. Seams at the components were not “seamless” and not consistently identical.
  2. Does it have yaw control?
  3. Electronic shutter.
  4. No landing gear.
  5. Slow shutter 1/1920s vs up to 1/8000s
  6. Narrow FOV. Atleast from the math of 20mm (35mm)? You’ll have to fly higher to get optimum overlaps.
  7. 1/2.3 sensor.
  8. Straight from the horse’s mouth…
  9. Max range 2.2 miles, but what is the actual usability and interference compensation for that?
  10. Max battery life 23 minutes, but what is the actual with constant motion mapping?

Pratical analysis from Skydio Users. There seems to be several camera issues that would concern me for mapping. Maybe the sensors are over-reactive.

Bump - would like to be able to test mapping with Skydio 2 before making any purchases.


If you are on a trial prior to purchase feel free to message into support!

@Eric You should now be able to fly with Skydio. Happy flying.

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Anybody have any luck on getting the Skydio to link with the DD app?

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Apparently, you need to be on a paid plan, or at least the trial. If that is your situation, then contact

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Has anyone been able to test the Skydio 2 yet? How’d it go?

No go so far. Spoke to two people over the last few days and you have to have paid subscription before you can fly the skydio with the DD app. I asked about a refund if things didn’t work out as planned/hopped and they basically gave a very noncommittal maybe…

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Andrew - perhaps you can help me. I have been conversing with Jacob Sinclair, who is a DroneDeploy Account Executive, but he’s been ignoring me on the Skydio 2 questions. If indeed Skydio support was added 27 days ago, can you a) let me try before I buy, and b) verify that all (or most) of the functions of DD with DJI drones are also working with Skydio? I have a Skydio 2 (and a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum), but won’t sign up for a full account with DD until I can actually do hands-on testing.

Please pass along my concerns to Jacob, or take this on yourself. I’d just like to get my Skydio 2 flying with DD as soon as I can.