Firmware 1.07.0060

So I’ve been using drone deploy for a couple months now and have really been impressed with it. After updating to 1.07.0060 on my phantom 3 advanced I have started to notice some problems. I know that it is still in the beta for the advanced, but it won’t let me continue missions and is sometimes glitchy, is the phantom 3 pro or any other drone that isn’t in beta like this too?I’m not sure if it is the beta or the firmware update. I heard from someone that I should contact you guys and you can send me an address to download a newer beta for iOS, they were on android though so i’m not sure if this has much difference.


The android app has a version that we are testing and will be released very soon, but the iOS app is the final version. We are fixing things in it constantly, though. Please let us know when things go wrong.