Phantom 3 beta firmware fail

I cant get my phantom 3 Advance to update. I would think there is different packages for the advance and professional. Where can i find it?

We currently only support phantom 3 pro and inspire. Phantom 3 advance will hopefully come in a few weeks.

ahhh dam, I am more than willing to help get it working on the phantom advance. If i could get the files i will make the changes needed :smile:

I actually haven’t tested to see how well the advance works with our current version if we install the beta advance firmware. I’m going to do that today and see if we could possibly release beta support sooner.

That will be awesome. Iam currently using Pix4d to process images, as there as no apps for the phantom 3 at this stadium. Only you guys with the beta.

I installed the dji beta firmware on my phantom advance. The remote just does not want to update, but is still working. The app works fine up until the camera and mission checks. They just never complete or fail. The error for the camera displays as there is no memory card. and the mission has never given a error or got a green check mark.