Drone Deploy compatibility with new Firmware v1.8.80 for Phantom 3

It is Drone Deploy (1.4.7) compatible with new Firmware v1.8.80 for Phantom 3 Professional?

No trouble, no issue.
I’m even testing the bêta 1.09 DJI firmware on P3P (for NFZ unlocking)
No special issue, some images missing but I don’t think its linked to the firmware

Btw chasemgray, I don’t understand what is that little blue arrow on the last line with the battery level.
A moving blue arrow, turning on itself and moving right or left but not linked to RC vs bird position …
And sometimes disappearing …
Seems to be stg like bird position but it dosn’t give a good position !

You’re right about the blue arrow. It will go away in the new UI coming very soon.

According to images missing, could it be linked to card capacity ?
Eg: 70% “occupied”, bird “looking for” free space and taking more time due to the less free space ?