Error remote controller

i tried fly today but have a error - controller invalid remote controller mode
if you recently updated your firmware check (multiple flight mode) is on in DJI go i go dji go and the flight mode is on i have a phantom 3 pro can you help me please

Was your RC is in P-Mode?

yes i have to changed ? for what

If the controller is not in P-Mode it will throw that error. Although, I did have it happen in the iOS app v4.11.

but is in p-mode now what can i do to resolve i have android app

this can happe if the dji go and dronedeploy work together

It’s not recommended to have both running at the same time, but I have heard of people doing it successfully. Also, the Phantom 3 Pro is a fairly old drone so there may be a compatibility issue that has arisen with the latest updates. What version of DroneDeploy are you running and what mobile devices?

i have a message in dji go to update the firmware i download the last update in dji site for phantom 3 older but the report mensage some go sucess some no the update is old i dont now if i can update with the phantom 4 v2.0 and i dont now if the problem was that

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I have had exactly the same problem with my Mavic Pro. I was not able to resolve it with DD. I unloaded and reloaded DD, and I had updated all of the software. I have not worked on it for several weeks as I have been flying a different drone. If it still persists, I will try a full reset of both the controller and the drone.

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Did you happen to notice anything coincide with any firmware updates?

I did not notice anything, but sometimes I update one day than test later. I am thinking there may be an update issue I need to resolve. Thanks!

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