P3 Pro 4K stuck on Pre-Flight

I have just recently tried to fly a mission but the app gets stuck on waiting for the controller mode to be on F and waits for waypoints to be uploaded. My controller has really always been in f mode, I’ve switched it out and back but nothing happens. Sometimes when I first start it up it shows USB connected waiting for drone. I’ve tried restarting it firmware is up to date.

I have been having the same problem the last week. I updated my IOS on the Ipad mini and also updated DJI Go and DD app’s. Did you find a solution? Thanks in advance for any help.

Nope, my trial for DroneDeploy ran out so I have just stopped seeking support. I will not pay for a service that takes ages to get support for.

Understood. I am using a P3 4K and the solution we came up was to use the NEW DJI Ground Station App. Hoping to try it out tomorrow. Thanks for the reply!

FYI. This solution did not work. I have gone back and forth with DJI several times and they say it will be fixed in the next update.

Hi all,
DJI SDK has limited continued support for Phantom 3S and 4K drone models. To maintain a great app experience for all our users, we have decided to deprecate support for these drone models. The app may still work with these models but no further development or bug fixes will be conducted.