Phantom 3 bug

Whenever I try to connect and start a mission ,I get stuck at “mission” in the checklist, everything else works good until then, any suggestions? Usig the latest version of the app.

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Did you update to the beta firmware on your RC and aircraft?

I looked at the logs. How long did you wait before restarting the app? Do you have the controller in the right mode (F)?

Hi Kevin,

This is usually a symptom of an incorrect firmware version. You can find the latest firmware and update procedure in our firmware update guide:


Hey , DJI released a Beta firmware for P3A too, today(14th), which enables SDK apps.Do u recommend I install that firmware for the P3A and try out the DroneDeploy app?

We don’t currently support the P3A as we aren’t using the SDK from DJI that supports it. We will be working on that in the future.