DJI P3P Error on "Mode" setting

After doing the upgrades to my Phantom 3 Pro (P3P). Then going through the DD app, 1.0.5, then 1.0.8, I am still having the same problem. There is a strong chance this problem is me. Happens a lot :smile:

Let me explain the odrer I have to do inorder to get communication between DD app and Drone.

  1. Controller on
  2. DJI app on
  3. DJI app closed
  4. DD app on (at this point the DD app always connects to controller and P3P. If I do NOT complete the boot up process in this order, the DD app never sees the Controller)

Now using my finger I move the pattern on screen to the area I wish to deploy the drone to and cover. (no problem as of yet)

Then I tap the icon in the lower right of the screen and it turns into picture of plane and starts it’s own check list.

FAIL: No matter the version of software on either the P3P or the DD app. I always get the same error. I have never been able to get past this point.
The error is on the mode switch. The screen states to put switch in “F” or “A” (for older software). It does not matter where the switch is. I always get this error and can’t get past it.

Any help would be great…

Thank you

Though you physically have moved the switch to F mode, DD will not pass the pre-flight checklist UNTIL you go into the DJI Pilot app and enable Multiple Flight modes (and make sure IOC mode is still disabled). I had the same problem when I first beta testing DD, but if that doesn’t clear up the failure let me know.

That was it… I thought I had already twitched MFM on, but apparently I did not. Thank you sir. We are going for our first run.