Dronedeploy mission errors with Mavic air 2

Hi Folks

I have just changed my old phantom 4 for a new mavic air 2 to fly agriculture fields with drone deploy in Uruguay
I am experiencing continued mission errors that stops drone flight to a still position and also have suddden drone deploy application stoppage
I have reinstalled application and drone firmware and problem still persist

Any help from someone experiencing same issues?



Hi Jorge! Thanks for chatting into the forum. I highly recommend ensuring you have the appropriate hardware for this set up: The Mavic Air 2 is supported with DroneDeploy on iOS only.

I also suggest you keep a strong signal between the RC and the drone. Unlike other drones where waypoints are stored on the UAV, the Mavic Air 2 receives the waypoints from the controller in real-time.
Signal loss with this model will cause the drone to hover, and the app will ask you to resume.

More information about this drone is on our website: Mavic Air 2 FAQs

Hi lindsay is this the same for the air 2 s also? As im getting camera errors controller speed faults also

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Hi there! This same concept applies to the Air 2 and Air2S. Other DJI Drones will store the waypoints locally.