Mission encounters problem

I can not get it to start the mission just keeps coming up with it encounters a problem…. So reset and still nothing DJI air 2s

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Hey Rich, welcome. Specs and versioning would help. I just flew a nadir map with enhanced perimeter multi-battery this morning on an iPad.

how where do i get them. first time using…!

This is all really helpful to 1) Make sure you are all up to date as bug fixes are constantly being released but 2) That in the event that it is a firmware or device issue that we might be able to match it up to others who might be having the same issue with a similar setup.

  1. Mobile Device Model and operating system version. This will be on/in your Android/iOS device.
  2. Drone is an Air 2S but what firmware? This can be found in DJI Fly settings.
  3. DroneDeploy versioning is in the app at the bottom of the left-hand navigation pane.

THX when i get a moment i will try this out I need to get this working thx