Errors with air 2s

Trying to use dronedeploy but having those errors.
Also one time that i managed to fly it was stopping the capture with a camera focus error.

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While on cine or normal

I’m having a similar issue. At first it said camera focus error after takeoff, followed by a general error message and telling me I can resume with the play button. Doing so repeats the error. I changed it to manual focus in DJI Go, running it then skips the first error, but still gets stuck on the second one. Wasted two batteries with this thing hovering with errors trying to troubleshoot.

The ability to use an Air 2S matters to me, they are handy for small jobs and teaching newer pilots that shouldn’t be trusted with a hard to replace P4.


Bom dia,

Estou com problema na sobreposição das imagens ao carregar as fotos após plano de voo realizado. Durante o voo detectei que o Drone estava saindo do traçado da Poligonal pré-estabelecida.

Como resolver este problema ?