Drone raises to 1000+ feet at first waypoint

Hello, I am flying with DD terrain follow feature and a Matric 200. I’ve been flying really steep forestland and am having issues with the drone raising to ridiculous elevations at the first waypoint. So for instance yesterday I was trying to fly a mapped plan at 320ft and the drone raises up that high upon takeoff and terrain followed pretty well out to the starting waypoint which was about 400 feet below me. When it got there it’s altitude read -50ft and everything looked good. Then it started to raise to 1380 ft. Sometimes it raises an unnecessary 100ft before setting back in to its correct altitude to terrain follow and sometimes it wants to rise up to 1300ft. It’s all over the place and no amount of cycling off, restarting, moving the starting waypoint to a different location etc helps. I’ve tried flying from a home location below the unit and flying from a home location above the unit and cannot find a reason as to why it fluctuates so bad. It literally gets to the first waypoint and raises to some weird elevation just to turn around and descend to a correct elevation then start mapping. Also, yesterday I couldn’t get it to fly a whole 120 acre area. It said that the map failed to load because the elevation was too high. Even maxing out the crystal sky settings and DD to 1600ft wouldn’t let it fly. I think this is because it wants to raise to such a high altitude at the first waypoint but I had actually flown this same area before and never had the issue of the plan not loading due to too high an elevation. Also the last time I flew it it would raise to like 200-600feet higher than it needed to before setting in to the correct altitude. I’m uninstalling the app and reinstalling it before I fly again and Hopefully that will do something but it hasn’t helped the first issue in the last couple months.

Has anyone had this issue and figured it out?

Is this a consistent behaviour on specific maps involving Terrain Awareness. Like it does the same thing and goes to the same altitude every time on that specific map? And likewise on other maps?

Yes it does this on all terrain follow maps that I create. It fluctuates what altitude it wants to escalate to with different flight map locations but it always does it. Yesterday after it flew the first time to the waypoint and wanted to rise to 1380ft, I brought it back and closed out of DD and restarted the drone then tried to fly it again and it wanted to go to that same 1380ft elevation. Earlier that day I flew a different unit and it “only” escalated to 700ft so I just let it so I could get some flying done. I can’t let it go to 1380ft though because that’s very dangerous.

Where are you? I know that terrain awareness has had some issues in certain areas but this is the first time that I have heard something like this happening. It almost sounds like it is a conversion between meters and feet which I have had happen on certain other aspects of DroneDeploy.

I’m flying in Oregon.

Update: Apparently there was a new update for DD last month. I just installed the update and it works great now! I actually made it through 320 acres yesterday without a single app glitch! (Happy dance)

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@7255 Glad to hear! We did quite a bit of improvement work on Terrain Awareness a little bit ago. Happy flying

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