Start Mapping While Inflight or Increase Altitude after Takeoff

I’m trying to map a mountain outcropping that is a few hundred feet higher than my takeoff location. My goal is to takeoff, move to the location that I want to map, and then start the mapping from that location. Right now if I try that, it returns to home.

Does anyone have any suggestions for mapping areas at much increased altitudes from your takeoff location?

I survey a lot of landfills, which are 100-200’ higher then the surrounding area. UsuallybI will take off without DD, then go to top and see what elevation I am at. I then use the DD app and add the additional height that I want.

Or you could climb the mountain and launch from there :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s a good idea. Because of legal restrictions on AGL altitude, I’ll probably switch to sport mode and fly it to the start point manually. I don’t see any reason why this would be an issue, but has anyone done this? I’ll test it out Tomorrow, when there’s light again, haha.

Not sure where you are flying, but here it is 400’ AGL and a 400’ Radius as well, so that would possibly help you with a peak.

From what we’ve heard, most of our customers tend to go to that location if possible (recently heard from a customer who had to climb peaks to map several square miles of mountain range, for example). Bit of a pain, but the results were satisfactory.

Good to know. Thank you for the info!

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