Maximum Height Errors


I had a strange issue when I started a flight map today. I selected 200 feet (Yes, feet not meters) and I recieved several error messages saying that this was too high and would exceed FAA regulations, though to my knowledge, I would have 400 feet.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Also, has anyone had experience with what happens if a P4 loses connection with DD during a map, does it finish and come back?


might have something to do with DJI Go app and its max altitude setting. Try going in there and double checking to make sure everything looks right.

That was my thought as well, but I had set it to the max FAA height allowed.

Something else about Max heights, Does Drone Deploy compensate for changes in terrain?

For example, If i launch my P4 off a hillside and want to fly downhill, does it decline to maintain the 400 foot envelope?

No, it will not compensate to maintain distance from the ground. For example, if you start your flight at the bottom of a valley and tell it to maintain a 200ft distance from the ground it will crash into the mountains on either side of the valley if there is anything higher than 200 feet from where it took off from. Hope that helps

So if you’re flying around for mapping mountain areas, seems like it might be better to manually fly in the canyon areas and set it to auto take pictures then.


It really depends. You could break it into multiple flights to step up slopes. Or you could try to fly manually. If you fly manually be careful and get enough overlap. You are safer having more than enough overlap than not having enough. Also beware of birds! I have heard of a few accidents involving birds in wilderness mountain areas.

Makes sense. Trying to figure out the workflow for flying in mountainous areas I guess.