Drone Deploy Offline 3rd party camera SLANTRANGE

Summary of Issue:
When I create a mission using the slantrange app, save it, and then open it offline the flight leg spacing changes. It looks like the camera parameters are no longer being saved in the flight plan and being reset to the default. If I am offline I have no way of loading the slantrange app to reconfigure the camera parameters and flight leg spacing.

Date Issue Began:
Not sure I just tested it today

Drone Model:

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iOS iPad 2 Mini. 11.1.2

DroneDeploy App Version:

Any one confirm this problem? It’s affecting current jobs.

@bgee Thanks for reaching out. I will pass this to our Product team and follow up. Thanks.

@bgee Since we do not officially support the iPad Mini 2. it will be difficult to test this. I would test with an official device we support. You can take a look at our list on our website: Supported Devices

Also, do you have another camera attached to your M100? I would remove any additional cameras so our app does not get confused with that extra parameter.


I tested it on my iphone 7 with the same result and I don’t have any other devices around. I don’t see how this has anything to do with the device. Doesn’t DD just run the same java code as the website on a PC packaged into an app?

I’m not even attached to a drone. I’m just planning a mission and bringing it up again in offline mode.

Actually the same behavior happens on a PC in Chrome.

Create a mission using the slantrange app
Go back to the mission lists.
Open the mission you just created.
The leg spacing is good and then it changes.
Expand the slantrange app and the leg spacing changes back correctly.

This doesn’t seem right b/c when offline none of the DD apps will load.

@bgee Thanks for reaching out. I went ahead and reached out to my app team to see what might be causing the issue. I will follow up shortly. Thanks!