Flight Plan issue between iOS and PC Based Applications

Hello all. I recently tested the DroneDeploy application against other aerial data collection apps and have found an issue that you should be aware of. The flight plan setup created in the PC based app (Google Chrome) produces a flight plan, flight lines and estimated flight time comparable to other iOS based apps such as Pix4D Capture. When the same plan stored in the PC based app is called up in iOS (iPad), the flight lines are NOT the same (more of them) and the flight time is significantly longer. All settings are the same (altitude, overlaps, etc) for the same UAS/Drone. See video posted at:

YouTube Channel Link

To see results. Thanks!

Which drone are you flying with? This will affect the flight lines when you are on the phone. The dssktop planning is assuming a certain camera type. This will change in the future.

I´m having the same problem on my Android. It did not happen when I first started to use DroneDeploy, but now it became a big problem.
I was just about to buy the Pro package, but if this issue keeps happening, I´ll have to study other options.
Is there some one from DroneDeploy technical support that could help us on that?

I am using a Phantom 4 from DJI. The camera specs are fixed in this drone so whatever flight planning and collection app you use, all things should be equal and the settings for the camera aren’t expected to change from one collection app to the other. What seems to be happening is when compared to the Pix4D Capture app, the flight plan is essentially the same when DroneDeploy is used with a PC/Google Chrome browser. Having the same flight plan layout geometry, flight altitude and front/side overlap for the same camera should yield very similar results as far as flight lines, spacing and flight time. Somehow this gets changed to a different setup yielding more flight lines for the same layout/altitude when using an iOS device to fly the same plan setup in the PC environment.