Distance between waypoint is too close

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I was trying to look for answer but didn’t find any. I was flying a heavy project with mapping a site with perimeter 3D and crosshatched 3D activated. I flew the entire project for 2 hrs and when it came back for landing after being done with the photo captures and only have the perimeter left with the following message on take off :

Flight Plan Error

“distance between two adjacent waypoints is too close”

I am 2 hrs in the project and also 6 batteries in. Now it’s asking me to retry or cancel the mission. I seriously do not want to start my entire mission all over just because of this.

does anyone has a solution???
I’m using Mavic Pro 2 with Ipad Mini IOS did the planning at home and flew the mission with the Ipad.


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What DD version, what iPad Mini and what iOS version?

I am going to pin this thread and request that anyone who has had this issue please share their flight plan. This has only been reported a handful of times, but I think that it is probably more prevalent than we know and is probably due to some specific set of mission configurations.

The DD version is 2.54.1

the iPad 4 Mini and IOS 13.3.1

Do I need to press “Reply” the mission since I can’t press continue? If I do so Would I still be able to upload all my Data and just have the missing perimeter? which was all that missing from the 3hrs of shooting. How do I share my flight plan.


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The version 2.54.1 is the web app, what is you mobile app version? 4.3.1?

I would try getting out of DroneDeploy completely and re-opening. Most of the time it will ask you if you want to continue. In that case your perimeter would be preserved and the map would show up under the Upload section.

Sharing is at the bottom of the navigation pane in the Explore section.

Version Mobile is 4.3.2. i’ve tried quitting the app and relaunching on site and it didn’t help. even tried to log on from my iphone on IOS and samething happened I couldn’t see any different. I’ll share the map if I manage to upload data? even though it didn’t finish? is that possible?


You can manually upload the photos. Just click on the upload section and choose map upload. You will have to configure the perimeter around the shots that were taken.

You use low height and more overlapping.
Please decrease overlapping in low height.

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