Projections look spaced out

IOS Beta Flight. I flew 3 mapping missions. 2 of them the projections looks really spaced out with zero overlap. One had some overlap but not much. I received an email on one of them that says “Sorry, but we could not process your data into a map.” It gave me this email before the pictures were finished uploading. Also, I can not see my flight log. When I open the flight log it is blank and it puts me in California.

Steven M. Lee

This is the link to the map

if you look at your projections you can see that something went wrong. ( I have no clue whatsoever) but the tiles should be overlapping as you also know.- I am not telling you new stuff. I have a map where I only have some spaces like less then a mm between the tiles.
my flight log also does not work and it also takes me to SF all the time when I start. :smile:

I am also on iOS beta. it is heavily snowing here in Hungary at the moment and I am grounded until it start to stop and melt. :frowning:

Anybody from the DD team care to share input on this? I noticed that the map that had this happen is the one that I planned offline and synced. It says the camera is the DJI2 when in fact it is the X3 camera. When I create a new mission in the field is will list the correct camera as the X3.

Hey guys,

The weird projection issue is due to a change in how DJI are storing the altitude info in the exif data of the images (since one of the last firmware updates). For those interested, they used to store the default altitude as the height above ground (barometer alt), but now they switched it to height above sea level (gps alt). We’re actually fixing this right now. This shouldn’t affect the quality of the maps you generate (just what the projection slook like), but if you do notice any weird issues please go ahead and email and link the map in question.

The camera name you see on the dashboard is a bit of legacy (again not affecting any of your data), and will be changed soon.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Jeremy I’ll just keep on testing!

Awesome news about dji switching to using sea level for 0 rather than the takeoff point!!!

It seemed strange to use mATO rather than mASL this whole time. Going to snap a photo with the I1 right now just to make sure someone isn’t pulling my leg.

does anyone know from which FW this is happening? I am using at the moment.

I mean this:" news about dji switching to using sea level for 0 rather than the takeoff point!!!"


they actually now store agl and asl (as well as a lot of other useful metadata such as drone and gimbal attitude) in custom exif tags, and set asl as the default gps altitude.

not sure on the exact firmware version the change came in with, but it seems to be there in the latest.