Holes in my processed map

I recently flew 2 missions and after uploading / processing the data I’m seeing big holes in the map. The image projections show full coverage. I did notice during the flight that the drone was losing connection with the remote controller as this was a heavily forested area and trees were likely in the way. I’m using a DJI P3 advanced, with iOS DD app v 0.0.46-2.0.10 (latest I think).

A few questions:

  1. are the image projections real or simulated based on the mission planning - e.g. are these the footprints of the actual photos taken?
  2. Does the DD app require constant communication w/ the RC - i.e. would losing connection in the flight be a problem for image capture?

The map can be seen here


Hey @Matt_Merrifield

Yes, the projections are footprints of actual photos. If you add a coordinate point to the map, the images at that location will be shown on the panel at the left.

Losing connection would still allow the drone to take photos.

What altitude/frontlap/sidelap did you input for this flight? Wooded areas in particular need more of each- increasing those parameters would help with the map quality.


Thanks @neema - the altitude / frontlap / sidelap were the defaults set in the app 246ft / 60% / 70%. This was definitely a heavily wooded area.

Thank you for confirming footprints - it sounds like maybe this is a stitching issue and may be due to the homogeneity of the images.

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My bet is the holes are on top of a hill. If the hill is high enough, you essentially lose overlap due to the ‘lower’ effective flight elevation. I’ve noticed this on some stockpile inventories I’ve done with low (60 -70%) overlap. I use a higher overlap (80%)or higher flight elevations now.

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good advice, thanks @Lyle_Hardin