Just look at it. What is going on

I have had this issue twice on the same job on different days. Not sure what is happening. Help please.

Hi @MrFudge,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I’m looping in my teammate @Nipul here so he can take a look at your issue and assist you. He’ll get back to you shortly. :slight_smile:


Hi @MrFudge,

For me to better help you, could you provide the name and date of the map in question? I would like to do some troubleshooting to see why there are holes in your map.

Looking forward to your response.


The account we use is. Ddlawler@hotmail.com
The map is untitled but is the only flight from today. It is a copy of a previous flight I had the same issue on

Which issue are you referring to? The screenshots aren’t from DD, could you upload your photos to DD so we can take a look and help?