Missing data

Hi all - the map shared below is missing about half of the images which I uploaded.
The problem is that I did this scan in two halves (due to battery power) and although I uploaded ALL the images it’s only done the latter half.


It might be fixed by the Beta software ability to combine scans. DD has added this to my account however I don’t see where to do this.

Hi Dave,

Looks like the map has a boundary only covering the latter flight (you can see this by clicking on the crop geometry selection tool - see screenshot). Did you perform the flights as 2 separate planned flights, or one large one with the “continue mission” functionality? We use the planned flight boundary as the map geometry, so if you did 2 separate planned missions and uploaded all images to the second one, that might explain why it cut off your map during processing.

I have manually extended your map boundary to cover all the images and it’s reprocessing now - hopefully that fixes the issue.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

The issue definitely did arise from the way I did it. Owing to windy conditions the scan took more than one battery to complete. What actually happened is that it got below 20% and stil had a long way to go so I pressed the return button, changed batteries and then did a new flight plan for the missing area.

I wasn’t brave enough to let the software decide to bring it home itself!!! At what point does this happen??

The reason I did another flight plan is I couldn’t work out how to resume the previous one -'how do I do it?

Oh, and I understood I had the added capability of being able to add on data to an existing plan but again I don’t know how to do it.