Queued for a couple of days?

I have had a mission “queued” since April 1. Have I done something wrong? Another mission from the same day has been processed.

I don’t know if someone did anything but it is processing now. Thanks if you did.

Surely, you could not be that busy?

sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I’m only partially watching the forums on the weekend. Glad to hear it’s working. I’m not sure if someone saw your message and went and checked on it.
Are you referring to us being busy with so many maps or because of the slow response?

I have had same issue,tried uploading a job and it “failed”, (doesnt say why)tried again with same pictures, and its still queued, and appears to have downloaded a few tiles.

I was referring to DD being busy with so many maps. Your response was certainly not slow, I didn’t expect any response over the weekend.

We do have a ridiculously fast growing number of maps. We are always keeping an eye on it so it shouldn’t ever be delayed by more than a couple hours. Someone probably noticed it and fixed it or it fixed itself.

I have had this issue tonight, was loading images, 372 in total, got 3/4 of the way, damn computer battery went flat mid upload, restarted it, now its come up no flight lg present and the job is queued? Please help!

Hey sorry for the slow reply. Did you resolve your issue? If something like this occurs a faster response should come from support@dronedeploy.com