Drone Deploy "Quirky" Issues

Just flown a couple of flights using Drone Deploy and have noticed a couple of issue.

  1. Drone Deploy keeps telling me to “Connect Drone” in the centre of the screen even tho the menu area on the left shows “Drone Warming Up”. This “Connect Drone” remained on screen for the entire 12 minute flight.
  2. On RTH the drone kept taking pictures even tho the camera was now facing forward and not down. This resulted in 110 odd photos that were not required. Once the mission is complete the camera should stop shooting.

Further edit ** - I’ve noticed that if I look at the flights on a PC with a normal browser they show an incorrect flight time compared to the flight on the tablet. Also the maps on the PC are extremely pixelated compared to the tablet. Different map sources perhaps ?

Apart from those quirks its a good solid product that I have faith flying with. Landing is within a metre of takeoff and the results are very acceptable.


Thanks for your feedback, Sean. What version of our app are you running, and on what device?

Hi Neema,

Running version 0.0.52-2.0.11 on an Android Galaxy Tab.


Hi all
I had a similar issue on the latest iPhone version where DD continued to take pictures after I pressed RTH. Continuing the mission after replacing the battery then just worked fine.

It now appears that version 2.0.12 uses a different map base from version 2.0.11 resulting in heavily pixelated maps which are unuseable for flight planning. This seems to be specific to IOS - Android is still running 2.0.11 and the map base on this is fine.