Flying Offline - Synced desktop flight plan and mobile flight plan not the same


I was planning an offline flight tonight on the desktop. Set the flight plan up as normal and synced with the mobile device (iPad4 mini). The plan parameters I set up on the desktop are not mirrored on the mobile flight plan after syncing and saving the background map for offline use - see images for comparison. The flight path and duration of flight are different ! On the desktop the flight time is consistently lower than the time reported on the mobile device, so I am never sure if i’m going to be able to do the flight on one battery or two.

Is this a known bug and is anything being done to fix it ?

Desktop setup

Mobile setup after syncing



Oh great - now I go back to edit the original plan on the desktop to reduce the survey area slightly. Save the plan. Go into the mobile device app to re-sync the plan and it refuses to refresh the plans after multiple tries. I go back onto the desktop to check everything is OK and find it never saved the changes to the plan! I re-save the revised plan on desktop again. Back to the mobile device - no, won’t refresh still. Close it down and go back to desktop - the original plan I saved has now GONE altogether !!!

This app has become a broken nightmare - what is going on ??

The planning code had some issues when you rotated the plan previously. We have fixed this on desktop and it will soon be updated on our mobile apps. The planning you are seeing on mobile is what it has been for the past several months.
It will be correct soon. Sorry you’re having trouble.

Thanks for the feedback. While it is useful to setup on desktop sometimes, because of the larger screen for setting waypoints and viewing the background map, I think I will just set up the plan/make available offline etc. all on the iPad mini for now as there seem to be no issues as long as you don’t try syncing with a desktop PC.

Im having the same exact issue… BTW isnt there a choice to make off line with the desktop App or just the mobile app? I save the mission on the desktop, have my tablet on and connected to wi fi, I log into DD and open map on tablet. I say, Make it available offline, it does. Says ready to fly. I turn off wifi go outside load mission and is different then the mission I just saved on the desktop. Speed was set to 3 MPh Desktop was set to 34 MPH max. Direction of flight different.

I like the idea of this application, but I cannot justifying the cost per month if it doesnt work correctly. I need this to be working 100% of the time not 25% of the time as it is now. Am I having issues because Im a trail version.
Please advise.

Your speed is determined based on frontlap and altitude, and the max speed is a limit it won’t ever go faster than.

Im with you on that Chasem, the problem I have is i dont change my over laps , they are set to 80% side and 80% front. I set this mission up on my PC. Speed max is 34… Now I open up the same pre planned mission on the tablet and my altitude doesnt match, the direction doesnt match and the max speed doesnt match.

What am I doing wrong?

We’ll try to see if we can reproduce this and if so we’ll put in a fix.