Dont showed 3d model

Summary of Issue:
After downloading to the service photos of the house there was only a 2D model of the house and the site, when viewing the 3d model a black screen appears and everything.

Date Issue Began:

Drone Model:
dji mavic pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
samsung galaxy s8+ Android 8.0.0

DroneDeploy App Version:
2.78.0 - 2.78.1

Hello thanks for reaching out. Could you provide me the name of the map in question so I can better assist? Thanks!

like example that, but does not work all maps in my profile :slight_smile:

Hi @Drop,

Can you verify that this issue persists on a different device, especially on Google Chrome on a desktop? I am able to view the 3D model in the map you shared above without issues.


last ff same, but in console add json parse error in angular chunk, in chrome dont have that errors.
SyntaxError: “JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”



Are you zoomed way out on that image? It’s like you’re looking at the edge of the Earth… I have had the same experience on several maps recently though. Unexpectedly the 3D model does not appear, even after letting it sit for a couple of minutes. I always run Chrome Incognito so I know it’s not a caching issue.

Yea I zoom image for example.
But after load 3d model i see only black screen
Emmm dont know why but in incognito 3d model run good, I think it may be some ad block plugin

Hi @Drop,

Have you tried disabling some of your extensions and seeing if it helps? If disabling some of them help the situation, can you let us know which extensions you have installed that caused this issue?