3d map not generating

Hello i am new to drone deploy. I have uploaded my photos and the map was created although i do not have any 3d information aka 3d model. Is there something i need to know that i am doing incorrectly?

I am using the mavic pro 1

Thanks in advance.

That should be a natural event. What plan are you on? Your best bet is to get in touch with support@dronedeploy.com.


it was needing to process. Still new to the app. Also are some features not available in the free trial version?

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What browser are you using?

Hi Phillip!

For the best view of 3D models, you’ll want to ensure your operating in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox with a cleared cache.

As for the trial version features, the trial includes everything outlined in our business subscription, with the exception of GCP processing and roof reporting which come with a per map charge.

Welcome to DroneDeploy, happy mapping! :slight_smile:

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Firefox is having a issue lately, you can clear the cache and it will work a few times then it stops.

I went back to using Chrome.

Firefox is having issues with other sites as well. They just updated it a few weeks ago.

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