Can't see 3D Model or Elevation

Hi, I’m my first post here after doing my first survey yesterday. I uploaded all the images yesterday and got the completed map back last night. The ‘2D Map’ and ‘Plant Health’ appears fine but nothing seems to happen for 3D map or ‘Elevation’

Not sure if it’s necessarily a ‘bug’ - it may well be something basic and fundamental that I’m missing here but grateful for any guidance. The example surveys work fine by the way.

Date Issue Began: Today - 27th Jan

Drone Model: Yuneec H520

Mobile Device Model and OS version: Macbook OS El Capitan V 10.11.16

Hey Dan,
I checked and they both show up here.

You might try a few of these to clear out possible conflicts:

  1. Make sure you are using an updated version of Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
  2. Refresh your browser.
  3. Clear the cache on the browser.
  4. Sign out and sign back in to your Drone Deploy account.
  5. Make sure you’re not signed in to Drone Deploy on another computer (two computers at the same time)
  6. Restart your computer to clear out possible conflicts.
  7. Restart your modem to clear out possible conflicts there.

Thanks Gary. It’s working now so not sure what the problem was… cheers!