Where are my maps

I’ve just upgraded to a pro account, which is great as I can offer my clients 3d maps and elevation images again! So where are my maps? The app won’t load on my computer, the maps won’t load on my phone? Absolutely all of my maps are missing on the computer and it won’t connect to sentry.io? I’m trying to run a business, then I get a message saying you’ll be on on Tuesday, I’m in NZ and its Sunday night, my client wants the info TOMORROW, where is all the support for paying customers!!! If this is how Drone Deploy is going to be moving forward, then I’ll go and find another company that can help me with my needs!

Is it the app that won’t load or the 3D maps? What phone/ computer are you using? A couple of my devices refuse to load because the processor is too slow.

Hey, its the app, im using the same computer ive always used to d my uploads and work. When I log into my accunt, the big map shows up with my complete maps n it, but it won’t go into any of them, and won’t bring my plans up in the left hand menu, wont even let me go through to support or anything?

Yet on my mobile app, its fine, but I still cannot access my 3d maps (the ones i need to get to,) via my mobile.

Hi there, sorry to hear this. Could you reach out to support@dronedeploy.com?

@Altitude_Surveying Try giving it a go in incognito mode, or a different browser. If that works, then it sounds like you might have a cache issue. If it doesn’t, then I’ll get a support engineer to look into it tomorrow morning.