3D Map shows black screen in Firefox

Hello, community. I am trying Drone Deploy for the first time. I have successfully created a 2D map with my Mavic Air. However, when I attempt to view the 3D map in FireFox, the whole map section of the screen is black. Is there something additional I need to do? As far as I can tell, Firefox should be compatible. Thanks, in advance!

I suggest you try viewing the map in Chrome. There should be no additional steps beyond clicking on 3D Map in order to view it.

This is a known issue and they have been working on it. It comes and goes, but I usually am able to get it to show up if I just refresh the screen while on the 3D map. You could also try switching from SD to HD textures.

Thanks for the response. I did go back to the map a few times to try the 3D map, and it eventually loaded. Much appreciated!

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