Cannot access map viewer

I did my first test today using phantom 3 advanced. After a few snags the mission flew very well. I collected 70 photos and uploaded them for processing. Within a few hours I received email that may processing was complete. The results are on my dashboard but when I hit Map I just get a blank screen, nothing loads. This also happens with the dronedeploy examples on the dashboard. Very frustrating.

sorry to hear that @gerrymcn- I spoke to someone else who had this issue, and this is what worked to fix it:

  1. Change browser to Google Chrome or Firefox if you’re not already using them
  2. If you are- please try resetting your browser, or updating to a newer version if needed

It may also be good to clear the browser history.

Please update us on whether or not this works.


hi Neema,

Thanks for the info, I changed to Chrome and it works fine now. Very impressed.

Thanks again


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Glad to hear that- thank you for the update!