Do I have to be a paid member to fly

I set everything up following all the instructions. First time I tried to take off I have a ‘compass error’ message. After turning everything off and back on the message disappeared and I got a green ready to fly message.

Hit Fly nothing happens! Do I need to first upgrade to the paid subscription in order to fly using the Drone Deploy software?

No, the planning and flight control will remain a free feature. Processing is no longer free.

Hey Philip.

Can you be a little more detailed in the steps you are taking?

Mavic 2 Zoom with Ipad mini 4 sceen.

I pre programned the route on Drone Deploy, updated all DJI firmware etc etc before heading out to site.

At site in the following orders:

  1. Connect Ipad Mini 4 to control

  2. Turn drone on

  3. Turn controller on

  4. Open DJI Go 4

  5. Open Drone Deploy, select pre programmed project

Initially DJI controller showed some ‘magnitic interferences’ error, Drone Deploy showed red ‘compass error’ message, my location on Drone Deploy screens was some 300 feet off (showed me on the opposite side of the freeway)

I powered everything off, pick a new location about 30’ from previous spot, restart everything in same order as noted above. This time no error message on DJI controller, drone also shown as connected on Drone Deploy screen (noticed that my actual location vs what’s shown on the Drone Deploy screen was still off but much closer this time).

Hit FLY and nothing happened!

Turn Drone Deploy off and Marvic 2 flown with DJI controller/Ipad mini 4 combo with absoletely no problem!



Philip, thanks for the detail.

You should not have Drone Deploy and DJI Go open at the same time. I suggest you give it a try, this time do not open DJI GO and make certain it is not open in the background.

DJI craft are designed to only be in contact with one app at a time else conflicts and unexpected behavior can be the result.

The 5 maps per month Explorer thing has now been discontinued? It’s still advertised on their ‘price comparison’ sheet.

Emailed to all… "As the community has grown, processing and hosting maps & models has become more expensive. We’ve decided to take the difficult step to retire our free “Explorer” plan (which provides free data processing, storage and analysis), effective March 12, 2019 - our Flight app on iOS and Android will remain Free.

While you won’t be able to process additional maps with your existing account permissions, we have upgraded your account as a courtesy to give you until May 12, 2019 to export your 2D maps (orthomosaics) as JPG or GeoTIFF, and 3D models as OBJ files. This will allow you to keep a permanent local copy of your DroneDeploy data. After May 12, 2019, we will begin to delete map data outside of paid subscriptions. Subscribing to any of our paid plans before the May 12, 2019 deadline will retain your data for the life of that DroneDeploy subscription.

We hope that you keep flying with us with our free flight app, and consider subscribing to our paid plans this year. We’re reinvesting the savings from retiring the “Explorer” plan to offer better, faster processing, new flight modes, better reporting, and tons more features for all of our subscribers, so expect great things!"

I’ve had a free account since the beginning. I did not receive the above email… checking spam…Nope.

But that’s okay.

Our free accounts received it on the 13th. Starting a new post as this one has been answered.