DJI Smart Controller

Is droneDeploy compatible with the new dji smart controler??


Álvaro Lopes


It currently does not have the Google Play store and is not supported. You could try to side-load it if you could find the APK file. At you own risk of course.

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It is not currently compatible even with side-loading it. I’ve even installed the Google Play store and services and installed DD through the Play Store and it still did not connect.


DJI has installed a lite version of Android on the controller. I do believe that’s why the 3rd party apps won’t work at this time. DJI will need to do a firmware upgrade that will install any addtion Android operating system that would be needed. The DJI SDK files would also need to be installed on the controller since the SDK is the connection port between 3rd party apps and DJI GO apps.

The 3rd party apps will also need to be updated to use the new DJI SDK api calls. From what DJI posted a month ago was they have released the DJI SDK and now it’s up to the 3rd party developers to get it working.

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I know our DD folks are working hard on testing the P4RTK so we should be positive about the outcome. There are too many issues going on right now for different use-cases that they need to weed through which is why there is a delay. We have to remember that DD is dealing with 5-6 industries and inside of those industries are several different use-cases so they need to make sure they hit the 90%.

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I’m waiting on getting the Beta DD for RTK

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It is not currently like minded in spite of facet-loading it. I’ve even established the Google Play keep and services and set up DD thru the Play Store and it nonetheless did now not connect. Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox !

I talked with @Adam_Carp and discussed DD trying to get something done for the smart controllers with integrated screens.

I’m pushing for DD to work with DII and get a DD version that can be installed on the new controllers.

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Support was added for the Smart Controller (Mavic 2) with the May 15 version of the mobile sdk. I don’t think they will ever support 3rd party apps with the built-in screen remotes (P4P / P4RTK). I’ve seen articles that suggest the stand alone (no built in screen) remotes are close to release for the P4RTK.

It’s hard to say since DJI Terra has just released (5/24/19).

Here is a video of DJI Terra:

DJI could try and block 3rd Party apps because of this software. But they are missing a lot of features that Litchi and other 3rd party software has for flight mission types.

I need a Pano software. I’ve been doing a lot of pano and different elevations (10, 20, 30, 40, etc) and I have to manually fly up to elevation then run Litchi on my P3S then do a Pano, then fly to next Elevation and repeat until done. Basically capturing what the view would look like at each floor of a building.

DJI’s software efforts have been marginal in the past. And I’m talking for years with both RTF craft and their high end flight controllers before that. Will they be able to offer a product that will compete with Pix4D, Metashape, and others? I kind of doubt it. Add to that the perceptions that they are scraping data and the prognosis for the success an application like Terra from DJI is problematic from the get go.

That LItchi workflow for panos is not working for you?

My main drone is a P4RTK and only DJI GS RTK software is on it, you can’t side load anything.

I can get them all to work on my P3S but now I can’t fly it on job sites since we created our drone department.

The standard version RC for the P4RTK should be released soon. That should open up your options if you get that.

Litchi has released a DJI Smart Controller verion

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Another user here that would very much like to see DD support for the Smart Controller. Had to borrow an older drone from a friend to complete a quick-hit job and was frustrated that after installing DD on the Smart Controller it still wouldn’t work.

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Concur. This is unconscionable. We buy the best controller, for one of the best mid-range UAV’s, and Drone Deploy doesn’t offer a solution. Yeah, yeah, I know…it’s hard…

I think your frustration might be shared with DJI? Why does DJI continue to build android devices that will not operate in the “normal” android ecosystem?

And, users of these products must shoulder some of the responsibility too. This weakness in DJI android devices is well known by now. If someone purchases one of these devices and “hopes” is will work, that is a definite gamble.

I agree that it is frustrating. But DD is hardly responsible on their own.

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Thank you very much to all of you for this topic, coz I was recommending at job to buy the Mavic 2 pro with the “smart” controller, now I know that would be a big mistake, now we are thinking to buy it with the standard controller and adding a cellphone.

in a similar topic, what do you reccomend for smartphone for mapping with this drone: android or iphone?

Androids have had a few various issues throughout time and we are currently having trouble with version 10 so I would recommend an iPhone, but I wouldn’t go for the latest and greatest. You could probably get a good deal on an 8… I have used an iPhone in the past and currently use an iPad and have had very minimal if any issues related to the device. Normally if something does happen it ends up being a bug in the software.

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I’m not a “walled garden” type, if you understand the term. But dji software has always worked better on ios. I believe it is mostly how ios interacts with connected devices vs Android more than anything, but you will likely have better results on ios. (Slightly more control apps available to boot.)