DJI Smart Controller Compatibility

From what I can find on here, there hasn’t been any progress on getting DD to work on the DJI Smart Controller. At least not since 2019 and the thread I read through there.

I still have my P4 Pro that I can use for mapping…but I’d really like to be able to use my new M2 Pro as well.

Any updates on when this might happen?

Thank you.

Not really a DD issue that DJI chooses a closed android system. Good news. There is a great proven solution.

I guess I could have worded that better…but I realize that DJI is the one who has to make it to where the Smart Controller will handle putting apps like DD on it.

I guess my question should have been “Has there been any movement with DJI to allow apps like DD on their system?”

Nothing from DJI that I’ve seen, but I’ve read of various ways to get Litchi to run. I don’t know how well, or even if, applicable to DD. I would think if you could get DD running on the SC, then the android version should work because the craft itself (and it’s firmware) is supported.

For example:

You can run Litchi by downloading the app from the amazon account. I have flown several succesful missions using my new P4P V2. I have tried to load DD but apparenly it won’t run on the DJI platform due to its use and reliance on Google Maps, and I have not been able to successfully load anything to do with Google onto the DJI platform. Would love to hear from anyone who has been able to use DD on the DJI androiod device.

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Unfortunately, our DroneDeploy app is currently not supported on any of DJI’s smart controllers. We are waiting on DJI to build a seamless integration for third-party apps on their smart controllers. Although we have no established time frame for this integration, we highly recommend each of you reach out to the DJI team to request their integration of third-party apps. Any customer input and requests to DJI will help escalate the integration on their end! We are eager for this integration to happen. In the meantime, you can find a list of our supported drones here or purchase a standard controller (without the built-in screen) to use DroneDeploy.

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Thank you, Danielle. Luckily I still have my P4 Pro to do mapping with at this point.


Check out XDA developers forum. They are the ones that root every form of android. I suspect if you were able to find the right person they could possibly do it. It would be worth a shot.

Hi All,

Why would this even be an issue? You can just upload your images to DD that you have ran with automatic flight app dji fly. Or am I seeing this wrong? I am rather new to drone data/devs.

Anyway, is there an update on the compatibility with DD & DJI ‘smart’ controller?

Kind regards, Tuur

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Hi Tuur, welcome! That is what all of us that fly drones other than DJI do. Fly the map with whatever you can and manually upload to DroneDeploy. Works just fine.

I doubt DroneDeploy or Pix4D will either support the Smart Controller any time soon. Personally I wouldn’t want to spend time reengineering my software to fit some sandboxed variant of an operating system that could vastly change or be replaced at any moments notice so I can’t say I blame them. Putting a clients property in danger because my solution is totally at the mercy of the backbone it rides on cannot be a good feeling.

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