New DJI smart controller and DP?

Would the new DJI smart controller work with DroneDeploy? It would be nice to not have to hassle with plugging in and connecting to my iPhone, but I am not quite sure how that would work (since DP is not an app on the smart controller)


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If it’s running the same software as the Crystal Sky (P4P+) then no. I actually just saw an article about this. Looks like a good design, but having the screen below your hands makes you look down to much. Good luck!

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From what I have read/heard it is just running a custom version of Android and is able to support 3rd party apps. So theoretically it should be able to run it. We wont really know until someone actually gets their hands on it and tries, or someone at one of the companies confirms testing, but my money is on it working successfully. (It would be a big deal breaker for many people if it wouldn’t and I would think they have learned from that mistake.

I have heard the same so it sounds like we will be able to install DD, but will DD support it? Time will tell. Until them I am now flying an Emlid Reach M+ PPK P4P that works normally on DD. I’ll let them works the bugs out.

I received my DJI smart controller yesterday and can confirm that currently the controller does NOT work with the DroneDeploy app. The controller does not come with the google play store. You can side load applications from web links (I know this can be dangerous) but when I tried this with the drone deploy app it came up with a message that it needed the presence of the google play store to run.

After trawling the web I found that people had been successful installing other apps with the Amazon App Store but dronedeploy is not listed on this store.

Any idea when you will release a version that can be installed on the smart controller?


Has any effort been made by Drone Deploy to support the new Smart Controller yet? It would be nice to have it on the CrystalSky and Smart Controller as I typically use these devices but have to drag out the iPad when doing mapping.

curious on the status of DD on the DJI Smart Controller . . . any word ?

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Dear DroneDeploy Developers, your app does not work with DJI Smart Controller. In the past I used this app to work with my DJI Mavic Pro 2 together my mobile (android). Recently I bought a DJI Smart Controller but I can not use you. Could you please help me with a solution asap? Thanks. RRos

Correct, it is currently not supported and I am not sure if it is on path. I know the Crystal Sky was not. @AlexHennessey ?

Correct @MichaelL. @renaros, unfortunately currently do not support the Smart controller. We are still waiting on DJI to allow third-party apps on their proprietary tablet device. Although we have no established time frame for this integration, we highly recommend reaching out to the DJI team to request their integration of third-party apps. Any customer input and requests to DJI will help escalate the integration on their end. In the meantime, you can use a standard Mavic controller (without the built-in screen) to use DroneDeploy. Thanks!

@AlexHennessey With SDK 4.10 having added support for the Smart Controller is there any technical reason that DroneDeploy can’t be put, for example, on the Amazon store or the APK made available for download and verified to match a subscription during use?

Thank you so much! Israel

The Google Play Store and Google Services can now easily be installed on the DJI Smart Controller, there are several tutorials on how to do this. However Drone Deploy still displays as not compatible. Is it possible to add compatibility now that google services can be installed?Screenshot_20190531-104057|690x388

Yes, DD can be successfully installed on SC but the drone will not connect.
It can’t be too hard now, the app is on the controller, works fine online for planning.
Just the last final step.
Please DD make the connection possible
Thank you


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Sou novo aqui e também não consigo instalar o APP Drone Deploy no meu Smart Controller eu comprei o mesmo para ser feito isso e poder usar o meu Mavic 2 Pro mas nada de sucesso para instalar o APP. Sera que alguém aqui ja conseguiu instalar ele.

Desde ja agradeço a atenção.