DJI Smart Controller and DD

I’m new to drone use and purchased a new P4PV2 with the smart controller to use on our farm. Of course after starting my trial version of DD and trying to get it to work I come across discussion on here that make it sound like I made a mistake buying the smart controller. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck waiting for systems to co-mingle? Thanks!

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I did the same thing when I got my P4P in 2018. But I had to go back and buy the non-smart version of the controller in order to run DD. This is due to the fact that DJI did not support 3rd party apps on the smart controller. Maybe a hack could get over this but I have never tried any that are out there.


Thanks for the info SolarBarn. I guess I have to bite the bullet and buy another controller. Kinda ends up defeating the purpose of not having to buy another tablet which was whole reason I went with the smart controller in the first place.

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You and me both. Plus display on smart controller is brighter than most tablets.

I just had to buy the M2P controller after paying for the Smart Controller when I bought the drone. Also had to buy a new IPad to use as a larger screen. Not happy

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I called and talked to DJI customer service and they told me that DJI also has a mapping software that can be used. So I go to try and use that and its way more complicated to set up a trial. I also emailed with DD and I was told that there are plenty of individuals using the DJI Go 4 to take the images, and then uploading those into the DD database. I’m in the process of trying to figure that out now, but unless I am missing something it is not near as easy to set up an autonomous flight to map a field as it is through DD. All I can say is I’m wasting a lot of time for something I thought would be pretty fail safe. Disappointed is an understatement! Which is too bad because the equipment (drone) works really well and is easy to use.

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