Dji go shooting

Sorry if this topic has come before however my question is to do with shooting in point of interest or any mode in dji go for better detail in drone deploy 3D maps.

Does the drone have to stay within the original map perimeter or can it stray out a little ? The reason I ask is because when shooting at a 45 degree angle I would like to pull the drone away from the subject

You can shoot from anywhere. Just keep the sky out of the images.
I did this one by flying manual orbits with the DJI GO4 app at two altitudes shooting 85 overlapping oblique images looking down 45 – 60 degrees. I did not shoot any vertical grid images.

thanks for your input Gary, if I could pick your brains while your here, how did you go about getting permission to shoot that building ? really nice. job by the way !!

to follow up on that how did you know you were shooting a 85 overlapping oblique did you not use dji go for your orbits ?

Just shot it on a quiet morning. Didn’t ask. Small town.

I flew with the DJI GO4 app manually due to the rectangular structure of the building. I used that instead of POI because I felt I could accentuate the features better flying manually rectangularly rather than circular. I just flew sideways manually clicking as I flew making sure I had enough overlaps on each image. 85 was arbitrary. I just shot until I thought I had what I needed to sculpt a good model.

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This is a workaround I have been playing with to try to use DroneDeploy as my only app and works well for small to medium buildings, but Litchi is still the best standalone flight app.