Using DD then adding POI from DJI GO

Hi all, after completing a DD flight plan and gathered images, I have then taken POI pics for obliques from DJI GO. My question is if DD flight has been flown at standard 246’, should I then be 246’ from centre of POI as well to create consistency so pics will stitch correctly? In more confined areas 246’ from POI could be impractical. Any thoughts?
Regards, mikeh.

@mikeh I would recommend flying one or two oblique flights around the POI. The thing to remember about oblique images is that if you have to many of them it will be much more difficult to process the map. If you think of your drone as a spray paint can and the images are the paint when you paint the POI you only need one layer of paint. You do not need to fly 246’ from the POI. I would recommend flying around 50-75’ from the target while capturing obliques. Make sure that you do not capture the horizon in your images, the horizon makes it much more difficult to stitch.


Thanks Zack1, I’ll give it a gon. Regards MikeH