Improve quality of sides of buildings - textures and mesh

Something that may help the quality of the 3d models and textures generated could be adding the capacity for oblique views.

I had been playing with Pix4D last year and noted the capacity for oblique views of building sides. These weren’t part of the automated flight path image acquisition, I believe, but had to be manually flown and images acquired.

I imagine adding images shooting more perpendicular to building walls or other vertical structures would dramatically improve the quality of the details in that portion of the models. I imagine it will require additional math/modeling code, but it may be something worth pursuing.


Thanks for your feedback! We do plan to have the capability to capture oblique imagery in-app going forward. For now, we do recommend taking this imagery manually, and combining the folders together when uploading to DroneDeploy. Please see our guide to this here:

Thanks Neema,
Doing the POI orbit through DJI Go to capture obliques worked wonderfully, and the 3d mesh looks great.

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Hi Neema,

Have you taken a look at Altizure? They have a neat trick with the missions. The first pass takes oblique shots facing North then the second pattern shifts to the East and flies facing West third pattern shifts to the East, camera facing West etc.

Seems like a good idea but the finished article I have to say is no better than Drone Deploy.

See any difference?